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SAP S/4 HANA is the new ERP Solution from SAP, which is a combo of Hardware and Software. S/4 HANA has unprecedented adoption by the SAP customers. SAP S/4 HANA is the latest, in-memory database, and platform which can be deployed on-premises or cloud. SAP HANA is a combination of hardware and software, which integrates different components like SAP HANA Database, SAP System Landscape Transformation (SLT) Replication server, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection and Sybase replication technology.

This course is designed by Aspire Techsoft for beginners who are trying to learn SAP ABAP on HANA, HANA Modelling or move from traditional ABAP to HANA. It covers all the required concepts needed for you to kick start your career in SAP ABAP on HANA. At Aspire Techsoft we have industry expert trainers and well-equipped labs to train you. Aspire Techsoft is one of the best, popular, top-rated training institute for SAP ABAP on HANA.

SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytical Appliance) can be defined as an in-memory, column-oriented & relational database and also a platform that can be deployed on-premises or cloud. As a primary function of SAP HANA, Database management is used to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications. In addition, the SAP HANA platform provides an infrastructure to analyze a large volume of data in real-time, and components like SAP SLT (System Landscape Transformation) Replication server, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, and Sybase replication for building a high-performance application.

  • Real-Time Data Provisioning and Reporting.

  • High-speed processing on the large volume of data due to In-Memory Technology.

  • Reduce efforts behind ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process, Data Aggregation, Indexing, and Mapping.

  • Access Structured and Un-Structured data from SAP or Non-SAP data source.

  • Database and application can be deployed to the Cloud environment.

  • Total IT cost of a company can be reduced.

    All the SAP products are moving to SAP HANA, including SAP ABAP which continues to be a crucial language for several customized and SAP company-provided applications. SAP ABAP on HANA can be referred to all the developments which leverage the power of HANA with ABAP application. In the classical Data-to-Code programming paradigm, a huge amount of data is fetched from the database, stored in internal tables, and then processed on the application server. With the SAP ABAP on HANA, this has been shifted to the in-memory database-powered Code-to-Data programming paradigm (aka code pushdown), where data-intensive computations are delegated to the database and only the result is sent back to the application server. Due to this memory consumption, workload, and the network load is reduced on the application server.

    The course will cover basic features of SAP HANA Database Modelling, ABAP CDS (Core Data Services), database-independent programming with open SQL, and simplified control of stored procedures with AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures).

  • Understanding SAP HANA and how it impacts the ABAP development paradigm.

  • Introduction to ABAP Development Tools (also known as ABAP in Eclipse).

  • Accessing SAP HANA as a Secondary Database.

  • Tools to detect potential functional and performance issues when migrating to SAP Trace and ABAP Profiler, SQL Trace.

  • Tools to prioritize performance issues: SQL Monitor, SQL Performance Tuning Worklist.

  • Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP in the context of SAP HANA.

  • New Open SQL.

  • Defining advanced views using Core Data Services (CDS) and CDS Associations in ABAP.

  • Incorporating Authorization Checks with CDS in ABAP.

  • Using native SQL and ABAP Data Base Connectivity(ADBC).

  • Creating, using and debugging ABAP Managed Database Procedures.

  • Consuming SAP HANA views in ABAP using native SQL and ADBC.

  • Consuming SAP HANA database procedures using native SQL and ADBC.

  • Creating and using External Views.

  • Database Procedure Proxies.

  • HANA Transport Container.

  • Using SAP HANA Full Text Search in ABAP.

  • Enabling input fields for typeahead search.

  • SAP List Viewer (ALV) for SAP HANA.

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  • Specially designed course for the beginner that covers all the required concepts needed to kick start their career in SAP ABAP on HANA.

  • Real-time industry expert faculties.

  • Our superior merit placement experience and teaching standard have made us the best SAP ABAP training institute in Pune.

  • Interviews Preparation with resume editing.

  • Excellent Lab Facilities, Fully hands-on training with Online Live Instructor-Led Classes

  • Own Course Material for preparation & Practice.

  • Affordable fee’s structure

  • Any SAP Consultants who want to learn ABAP for HANA.

  • SAP ABAP Developer.

  • SAP S/4 HANA Developers.

  • Student with basic programming skills.

  • Yes, Aspire Techsoft specialty in assistance each and every valuable person with 100% placement supports.

  • Aspire Techsoft conducts development sessions with mock-interviews, presentation skills, to prepare students to face a challenging interview situation.

  • Aspire Techsoft is the Top SAP ABAP on HANA Training & placements institute in Pune. Our Placement Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7.

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