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Course Duration 2 Months

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About SAP BI Training

Are you looking for the best Institute for SAP BI Training in Pune? Aspire Techsoft Academy offers SAP BI Course in Pune by Real - Time expert trainers in Pune. Our SAP BI Trainer has 12+ Years of experience in the SAP Domain & they provide theory and practical in-depth course sessions with interview preparation tips. Our SAP Business Intelligence Training program is specially designed for Graduates and Post-Graduates Students, Working Professionals, and Freelancers. We provide end-to-end educat ...

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) is a comprehensive suite of software and tools designed to help organizations gather, analyze, and visualize data to support informed Decision-making. It encompasses a wide range of capabilities, including data integration, reporting, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

One of the key strengths of SAP BI is its ability to integrate with various data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, and external systems, allowing users to access and consolidate data from different parts of the organization. This data integration provides a holistic view of business operations.

SAP BI reporting and analytics tools enable users to create interactive and dynamic reports and dashboards. These can be customized to suit the specific needs of different departments and roles within an organization, providing actionable insights in real time.

Moreover, SAP BI supports self-service analytics, empowering non-technical users to explore data and generate their reports and visualizations, reducing the dependency on IT teams.

SAP BI offers predictive analytics, helping organizations forecast future trends and make data-driven predictions. It plays a crucial role in business forecasting and risk management.

SAP Business Intelligence is a powerful solution for organizations looking to harness the potential of their data. It provides data integration, reporting, analytics, and predictive capabilities, facilitating informed decision-making and improving overall business performance.

If you want to know more about SAP Business Intelligence Training in Pune , Aspire Techsoft is the best place for you. You can enroll with us for the Best SAP BI Training with Placement in Pune. You will get complete information about the SAP BI / BW course Online. We have great study places, well-equipped labs, convenient fees, and assured placement assistance for SAP BI / BW Course in Pune .

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) courses often have specific prerequisites, and these can vary depending on the level and focus of the course. - Prerequisites can vary, but a basic understanding of data analysis and database concepts is helpful. Some courses may require prior knowledge of SAP or related technologies.

Basic Understanding of SAP: Familiarity with SAP software and its modules can be advantageous, as SAP BI is integrated with other SAP applications.

Database Knowledge: A foundational knowledge of databases and SQL is typically required, as BI involves querying and manipulating data.

Technical background professionals, such as experience in programming or system administration.

Understanding fundamental business concepts and operations is crucial, as SAP BI aims to support business decision-making.

Computer Literacy: Proficiency in computer usage and software applications is essential, as SAP BI tools are software-based.

Basic mathematical and statistical knowledge, including concepts like averages, percentages, and correlations, can be helpful.

Any graduate and post-graduate candidates can learn sap bi course.

Data analyst and business intelligence professionals can learn sap bi module.

SAP consultants and developers.

1. Reporting and Analysis: SAP BI provides a range of reporting and analysis tools that allow users to create, customize, and distribute reports and dashboards.

2. Data Integration: It allows for data integration from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and external systems, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

3. Data Warehousing: SAP BI includes data warehousing solutions like SAP BW (Business Warehouse) to store and manage large volumes of data for analysis and reporting.

4. Self-Service BI: SAP BI provides self-service BI tools, allowing business users to create their own reports and perform ad-hoc analysis without extensive IT involvement.

5. Predictive Analytics: SAP Predictive Analytics offers capabilities to build predictive models, enabling organizations to forecast trends and make data-driven predictions.

6. Security and Governance: SAP BI offers robust security features to control access to data and maintain data governance and compliance with industry regulations.

7. Collaboration: Users can collaborate on reports and analysis through sharing and annotation features, fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing.

8. Integration with SAP Applications: SAP BI seamlessly integrates with other SAP solutions, such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM, to provide a unified view of enterprise data.

9. Real-time Analytics: Some SAP BI components support real-time data processing and analysis for up-to-the-minute insights.

10. Big Data Integration: SAP BI can handle and analyze large volumes of data, including data from big data sources, making it suitable for modern data processing requirements.

Improved Decision-Making

Data Visibility

Data Quality

Self-Service Analytics


Real-Time Insights


Predictive Analytics

Mobile Access

Data Security

Cost Efficiency

Competitive Advantage

Enhanced Customer Insights

Regulatory Compliance

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Big Data Handling

Defined number of batch size for SAP Bi Module

Get SAP BI Certification supports it will more advantage for you

Unique teaching with real-time practical SAP BI sessions and timely Assistance

Instructor-Led Online, interactive session with SAP Certified working professionals

Anywhere Learning Macs, smartphones, tablets

Aspire Techsoft Academy is the top SAP BI Training Institute in Pune with Placement Assistance

Our SAP BI Syllabus in Pune is designed by Professionals with current industry standards.

After course completion of SAP Business Intelligence Module We provide 100% Placement Assistance

Before Enroll SAP BI / BW Training in Pune We provides free demo classes to helps understand the SAP BI / BW course online

Enroll SAP B/BW Corporate Training in Pune with real-time industry experts from Aspire Techsoft Academy. In our SAP B/BW training course, participating candidates will learn and experience new skills in BW 7.5.

Our course will cover complete BI/BW concepts such as data warehousing, information provider types, data modeling, data extraction, BEx analysis as well as query design and reporting.

Our SAP BI corporate trainers will help you explore and test your code with other live projects so you can take your career to the next level.

With our SAP BI Corporate Training in Pune, you can get high paying career opportunities in SAP.

Enroll now in our SAP BI Corporate Training in Pune to explore your career and gain the skills and knowledge you need in the SAP Business Intelligence Corporate Course.

SAP Business Intelligence Specialist

SAP BI Developer

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

SAP BI Data Analyst

SAP BI Administrator

SAP BI Architect

Aspire Techsoft provides the Best SAP BI Training in Pune as per the present industry standards. Our training programs will enable professionals to secure placements in MNCs as well as middle-scale industries.

Our SAP BI Course curriculum is today's latest industry trends and advanced ERP SAP BI course content and business needs; Helping them get placements in multinational companies and achieve their career goals

Aspire Techsoft is one of the most recommended SAP BI Training with Placement Institute in Pune that offers a hands-on practical approach with implementation on live projects and will ensure the job with the help of advanced level SAP BI Course in Pune .

Our SAP BI Trainers in Pune have 12+ Years of experience in the SAP Domain & they provide theory and practical in-d epth concepts with interview preparation skills.

SAP BI Online Training in Pune will be conducted on a weekday and weekend batches with Instructor – LED online SAP BI Training in Pune.

Our SAP BI trainers are working professionals who also help candidates get placed in MNCs.

24 X 7 Server Access for Practice Purpose with Technical Support

Affordable SAP Business Intelligence course fees structure in Pune

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SAP BI Course Curriculum

Syllabus of SAP BI

• General Introduction.
• SAP introduction.
• Data warehousing/ BW/ BI Introduction
• Master data; Attributes, Texts, and Hierarchies.
• Standard Naming conventions in SAP and BI

• InfoObjects: Definitions
• Types: Characteristics, Key Figures, Time, and Unit.
• InfoCubes: Definitions.
• Types: Standards, real time,remote.
• Design of Infocube: Star Schema concepts. Precautions.
• DataStore objects (DSO):o Types: Standards, Real time.InfoSets
• MultiProviders: Scenarios to create Multiproviders.
• Infocube VS DSO

• BI Content: Definitions, How to install BI contents

• For SAP source systems: Creating Generic dataSource and maintaining SAP delivered dataSource
• Or for files: Creating DataSources for File Source Systems

• Transformations and different scenarios.

• Creating data transfer processesCreating process chains

• Monitor for extraction processes and data transfer processes
• Checking process chain runs

• Creating the first aggregate for an InfoCube
• Using the BIA index maintenance wizard

• Setting up standard authorizations
• Defining analysis authorizations

• Real business scenarios on differentsystem environments, Moving objects from one system to another.

• Queries: New queries, Restricting Characteristics, Formulas and Exception Cells
• Query Design: Defining Exceptions, Conditions, Restricted and Calculated KeyFigures
• Variables: The Variable Wizard, Variable Types and Processing Types,query Properties
• Component Properties: Properties of Characteristics, Attributes, Structure, Formula, KeyFigures
• Structures: Creating Re-usable structures
• Functions on BW Server: Copying queries between Cubes, Deleting Query Elements

• WAD: Functions of WAD, Web Items Window, Template Window, Properties Window
• Web Applications: Creating Web Applications, Settings, Stylesheets, Symbols and Properties
• Design: Designing the Layout of Web Templates, working with Library for Web Items
• Access sequence
• Web Items: Tables, Filters, Checkboxes, Dropdown Box and other web items and their attributes

• BEx Analyzer
• BEx Web Application Designer
• BEx Report Designer

• Information Broadcasting
• Functions of the Broadcaster: Precalculating and Exporting into Enterprise Portal
• User Guide: Distributing Queries and Web Templates, Scheduling Broadcasting Setting
• Example Scenarios: Monthly Sales Reports, Ad-hoc Distribution Options.

• OLAP v OLTP: The OLAP Concept and differences between OLAP and OLTP
• OLAP Functions: Aggregation, Currency Translation, Report-toReport Interface
• User Guide: Distributing Queries and Web Templates, Scheduling Broadcasting Settings
• MetaData Repository: Searching for MetaData

• Resume Building with sample resumes
• Frequently asked interview questions
• Common Production Issues

• Overview of Planning with SEM-BPS.
• Architecture of BPS components.
• Planning Models (Planning Area, Planning Level, Planning Functions, Planning Layouts, Packages).
• Characteristic relationships, Variables.
• Data Slice.
• Web Interface and Planning Folders.

• Data Model for Performance: Line Item Dimensions, Navigational attributes, Time-Dependent
• BW Statistics: Query Analysis Tools, Performance Tables
• Reporting Performance: Effective query design, Line-Item, Compression, Partitioning
• Characteristic relationships, Variables.
• Aggregates: Creating Aggregates, Finding effective aggregates
• Data Load Performance: Parallelism, Impact of Aggregates
• Partitioning: Logical Partitioning, Table Partitioning.
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Mock interviews by Aspireit give you the platform to prepare, practice and experience the real-life job interview. Familiarizing yourself with the interview environment beforehand in a relaxed and stress-free environment gives you an edge over your peers.


In our mock interviews will be conducted by industry best SAP Training experts with an average experience of 10+ years. So you’re sure to improve your chances of getting hired!

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Real-Time Industry
Experts Trainers

ATPL provides the best industry expert SAP trainers. Gets SAP training from certified real-time trainers with 12+ years of implementation experience in corporate training?

Excellent SAP Training
Lab Facility

ATPL provides high-tech infrastructure and practice lab facilities for every student with proper facilities like Wi-Fi and a healthy environment.

Practical Task &

Real-Time Assignments Case
Studies and Projects on SAP Courses Modules. Get a Soft Copy of study materials, sample blueprints & Projects related career guidance .

SAP Live Server &
24 X 7 Supports

We Provide 24/7 Ides Access for Practice Purposes. Get online support via Phone Call, Live chat, or Email. ATPL provides access to the SAP learning system that allows you to practice your skills and experience directly in the SAP environment

Mock Interview & Resume Preparation

We conduct weekly mockup interview sessions and interview tips for SAP Training which will make it easy for aspirants to find high-paying jobs. We'll help with interviews and preparing your resume.

100% Placement Assistance

ATPL provides 100% Job Assistance support to SAP candidates to get jobs in top companies for SAP consultant profiles. We have more than 250+ placement partners and internship offering partners. Our placements will be in IT and non-IT industries.

Exam & Certification

When you complete the SAP BI course here and complete the hands-on project, you will receive an ISO certificate that you can share with potential employers and your professional network.

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Live project-based corporate Course

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Training Delivered

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Industry Certification

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SAP Training FAQs

Enroll now for the Best SAP Business Intelligence Course in Pune at Aspire Techsoft Academy by calling this number +91 – 9960935600. Not sure if you're ready? Enroll & get expert guidance to sharpen your skills.

Enroll Now for SAP BI Training in Pune with Aspire Techsoft Academy by calling this number +91 – 9960935965. You will get the complete information regarding the SAP BI course Fee details with more information.

Yes, you can interact with our Course Training Advisor they will schedule the SAP BI Online course Free Demo session.

No. No programming is required for this. It includes analysis of business intelligence systems. Therefore, professionals with system analysis knowledge can easily understand the SAP BI module.

Aspire Techsoft Academy is the best institute for SAP BI Course in Pune in providing placement assistance to every professional. We also teach aspirants how to build their CVs.
  • - Customized SAP course curriculum
  • - Affordable course fees
  • - Free SAP demo class
  • - Experienced SAP Trainers
  • - Beginner + Advanced level training
  • - Guaranteed placement Assistance
  • - Demo Projects Provided
  • - Practical SAP exposure
  • - Test Exam & Attend Mock Interviews with Experts
  • - Offer Course Internship
  • - Get Interview Preparation Tips from Trainer
  • - Get Interviews & Get Hired

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