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Training Structure

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  • Get trained by experts.
  • Attend classes from anywhere right from your computer.
  • Get all the benefits of classroom training.
  • Get access to course recordings up to 20 business days.
  • Access to latest software for hands-on.
  • Live interaction with trainers & trainees of different locations.

    Live Web

    Audio Requirements:

    • You should have working speakers, so that you can listen properly.
    • You should have working mics, so that you can interact with trainers.
    • We recommend to have Headphones with mics.

    Live Web

    System Requirements:

    • Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 34, Google Chrome 39 (JavaScript enabled) or the latest version of each web browser.
    • Windows 7, Windows 8 or later.
    • Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection.
    • Internet bandwidth 2 mbps(recommended).
    • Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended).

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      Base SAS Programmer Certification

      Base SAS is the fourth generation programming language (4GL) in which data transformation, data access, creating and accessing programs with data analytics and reporting, etc. Base SAS is used in IT organizations for data manipulation, storing and retrieving information as well as designing statistics and reports. It also includes a micro facility to reduce programming time and reduce maintenance. Base SAS programming is easy to learn, it consists of packaged programs that reduce the amount of code needed to perform data analytics and data collections.

      Based on SAS Studio, a web-based developer interface, you can access data files and libraries from any device with a web browser and enter current programs to simplify SAS programming and improve efficiency that increases programmer productivity. You can easily create reports in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, HTML, and EBook formats using base SAS programming.

      This course is for users who are beginners and want to learn how to write SAS programs. It is the first step to learning SAS programming and is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses. Before going for any SAS certification you should be certified as Base SAS Programmer.

      SAS Base Certification Course will help you to prepare for the following certification exams: SAS Base Programming Exam for SAS 9. Trainees for the SAS Base Programmer for SAS 9 exam should be familiar with new functionality and enhancements which are available in SAS 9.4. Targeted Business analysts and SAS programmers.

      This course is intended for users who want a thorough study of data access, data exploration, data analysis, and how to access and write programs. Base SAS Certification course is the entry point for learning SAS programming for Clinical SAS, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is a prerequisite for many other SAS Certification courses.

      SAS is the leader in the analytics market. In today's modern age, SAS is very useful if you want to analyze data. SAS Certification credentials are highly valued by business organizations, academicians, and educational institutes. With high average compensation, strong career growth, and as per compare to an easy learning curve, SAS holds the potential to add a lot of value to your career. If you want to pursue a career in SAS, then Contact us without delay. We are SAS Accredited Training Partners in India. We provide Base SAS Training and Global Certification in Pune. Base SAS programmer certification course Individuals who want to make a career in the Clinical Research domain for clinical data analysis and reporting. Attend a 1-hour free demo session and then join the course. Also, you can join SAS online training in Pune.

      Learn How To:

      • Read raw data files and SAS data sets.
      • Investigate and summarize data by generating frequency tables and descriptive statistics.
      • Create SAS variables and recode data values.
      • Subset data.
      • Combine multiple SAS files.
      • Create listing, summary, HTML, and graph reports.


      Before attending this course, you should have experience using computer software. Specifically, you should be able to,

      • Understand file structures and system commands on your operating systems.
      • Access data files on your operating systems.
      • No prior SAS experience is needed.
      • If you do not feel comfortable with the prerequisites or are new to programming and think that the pace of this course might be too demanding, you can take the SAS Programming Introduction: Basic Concepts course before attending this course.

      Course Outline:

      SAS Programming 1: Essentials

      • Navigate the SAS windowing environment.
      • Navigate the SAS Enterprise Guide programming environment.
      • Read various types of data into SAS data sets.
      • Create SAS variables and subset data.
      • Combine SAS data sets.
      • Create and enhance listing and summary reports.
      • Validate SAS data sets.
      SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

      • Control SAS data set input and output.
      • Combine SAS data sets.
      • Summarize, read, and write different types of data.
      • Perform DO loop and SAS array processing.
      • Transform character, numeric, and date variables.

      The fees is inclusive of:

      • Training & Digital Badge.
      • Course material.
      • Subset data.
      • 1 attempts of Global certification worth $180 .
      • Save more by enrolling for Advance SAS certification Package.

      Download Course Curriculum

      You are trying to stand out from crowd ? Stop telling, showcase your skills with SAS Digital Badge !

      • Provide labor market insights that connect your new skills to jobs.
      • Enable recruiters to view and verify candidates with certain SAS skills.
      • It will answer, What you did? Who says you did it? and Why it matters? these questions for you.
      • Enroll Now with Aspire Techsoft: Base SAS Certification Training in Pune by calling this number +91 – 9960935600. Not sure if you're ready? Enroll in SAS Certification Training here & get expert guidance to sharpen your skills.

      • After doing an IT course, certification is always a hot topic. If you want to do certification in SAS or do an exam preparation, SAS Community always gives advice to the aspirants.

      • Exam Details: SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4. (Exam id A00-231).

      • We offer a wide range of SAS Instructor-Based Training, Live Web Base SAS Course and Base SAS eLearning Training courses to prepare for Base SAS Certification.

      • Educational discounts are available on most SAS Training Courses, so visit our Website or contact us for more information.

      • A Base SAS credential is required to earn an Advanced SAS Credential, so without holding a Base Programming credential, you will not earn the Advanced Programming credential.

      • Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in BPHARM, Pharm D, Biotechnology, MBBS, MD, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, BAMS, BPT/ MSc. Stat and Math’s Degree, BE. BTECH, BCA, MCA, MSC Etc. You can learn the SAS Certification course.

      • Software Developers, IT Professionals, Engineers, Analysts, Freshers wanting to kick-start career in software development.

      • Bachelor's Degree is mandatory. No coding experience required.

      • Powerful data analysis capabilities.

      • SAS Macro Facility – It improves the coding time for basics task.

      • Easily create reports in a standard format like PDF, PPT, Excel, RTF, HTML Etc.

      • You can access SAS from anywhere using any device and web browser. Not required to install any client.

      • You can access SAS Programs and Data Files with libraries through Mac and iPad devices' web browsers.

      • It supports SQL language.

      • Creating drag-and-drop interface maps to import or export different types of documents in the XML engine.

      • MAPIMPORT, GEOCODE, and GPROJECT use base SAS to handle geographic data processing.

      • Unicode Support – SAS Works with all DML (Data Manipulation Language) Platforms.

      • Base SAS works to improve performance and scalability.


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