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UI UX Design Training in Pune

UI UX User interface and user experience design are processes used to create interfaces in computing devices or software design, focusing on appearance or style. The main goal of designers is to create an interface that is easy and pleasant for the user to use.

User Interface (UI) refers to GUI (Graphical User Interface) and other formats eg. Gesture-based interfaces and Voice-controlled interfaces (VUIs).

To create an effective and responsive user interface, UI UX technology relies on many different techniques of user research, testing, and layout.

In the current era, UI UX technology has become a part of success for many digital products. By creating user interfaces that are easy to use and understand, organizations can ensure that their products are accessible to as many users as possible.

UI UX technology is a field of design that focuses on the user experience and interface of digital products. It can be used to improve the usability of digital products as well as to create products that are difficult or impossible to use. Because of this, UI UX technology should be handled carefully by designers with experience.

Before you enter any design certifications it is important to know the main difference between UI and UX design. UI designing focuses on the first presence and layout of the product which includes the visual interface. UX designing focuses on how the created interface will work as well as the interaction of the product, application, or user.

UI UX Design Training Courses in Pune are taught by Aspire Techsoft professional experts. This UI UX course includes industry aligned training in design thinking, wireframing, visual prototyping, interaction designs, storyboarding, visual design theory, web prototyping with HTML5 and CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and more that aims to offer you a lucrative UI UX Design career. UI UX design is the main key component in online application development to create an easy-to-use and accessible product. Computers, home products, and other electronic gadgets require UI UX design.

To become a successful UI UX designer, it is always necessary to take UI/UX Design Professional Certification training to upgrade your skills and abilities. Aspire Techsoft is a UI/UX training institute in Pune where complete UI UX design will be stitched. The main objective of our UI/UX design certification course in pune helps to our aspirants successfully designs the best in digital products, experiences, strategies and services.

We, at Aspire Techsoft, are always working towards brightening the future of every candidate and we always strive to achieve this by implementing world-class educational policies.

We have 10+ years of MNCs experienced trainers in the field of UI UX design. Our experienced trainers always focus on trending skills in the current job market which helps you to update with digital and latest technology trends.

Most Important elements in User Interface Design

Input controls

Navigation Components

Informational Components


Prerequisites for UI/UX Design Certification Course

Basic Requirements: Interest in pursuing a career in UI UX Technology

Degree: Any (Relevant field is an added advantage)

Basic software skills

Creativity and visualization ability

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Basic knowledge of programming languages will be a plus point.

Who should learn UI UX Design course?

Website designers, Visual or graphic designers, Mobile Application Designers, UI/UX Professionals, Software designers and developers, Information Architects, Product Designers, Interaction designers, and developers, etc.

  • In-depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

  • Skills of Adobe Illustrator

  • Be well-acquainted with Adobe InDesign

  • Be familiar with HTML, CSS

  • Knowledge of UI/ UX design

  • Knowledge of Information architecture

  • Design thinking

  • Language and writing skills

  • Knowledge of graphic design and visual communication for making wireframes and prototypes

  • Knowledge of programming (coding)

  • Our User Interface (UI) Certification Course will help you enhance your skills that are essential to designing a great product or service.

  • We provide the knowledge, strategies, and skills required for the User Interface design certification course which is most important to become a UI UX professional.

  • During UI UX Training, our trainers and technical team are always available to solve any questions or course-related problems of the candidates; we provide online chat, call discussion, and screen sharing facility. We provide the best and most affordable UI UX training that suits everyone.

  • Weekdays and Weekend Batch for UI/UX Course, also study only three days a week with evening convenience and manage the rest of your work and daily schedule.

  • Our experts will teach you the skills required to create a comprehensive portfolio of projects ranging from Artificial Intelligence sketches to mobile-responsive web layouts in UI technology.

  • So thinking, save your precious time and money today and enroll with Aspire Techsoft to get UI/UX Design Certification Training Program in Pune India location.

    Photoshop:Adobe Photoshop has been in the market for a long time and many designers use it. That is why they are used to create designs and graphics. Recently there have been good upgrades in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has gained many Web and UI design features, including art boards, character styles, improved web export, and more.

    Even though other alternatives like sketch and XD are available in the market, still Adobe Photoshop remains popular in the market. Adobe Photoshop does not have features like Prototyping. It's not designed as easily and intuitively as Sketch and Adobe XD. Once you know how to use Adobe Photoshop properly, it is a very robust app.You can use Adobe Photoshop tool as a UI/UX designer to create UI elements, wireframes, and mockups for your designs. If you want to understand Adobe Photoshop UI Design better then what are you waiting for? You can enroll in Adobe Photoshop UI Design Training in Pune at Aspire Techsoft today and get the information you need about this course.


    Sketch works on: MacOS

    Sketch is known as a purely visual design tool for web-based products. The sketch is one of the popular tools. Sketch works as an all-in-one designer toolkit; it has more than 700 extensions like assistants, integrations and plugins, etc. The sketch started as a Mac-only app but has now evolved to include WEB APPs with tools that work in any WEB Browser. It still doesn't have a native Windows app.

    The sketch includes a set of intuitive vector editing tools so you can easily iterate on your work at any stage of the design process. It has flexible art boards and canvas with presets that you can design however you want. You can scale your designs to any screen size. Its ability to create a beautiful interface makes Figma a capable competitor for product design.

    In the UI design sketch course in Pune at Aspire Techsoft you can also learn typography in your designs, access letters, different font variables, ligatures, and more as Sketch fully supports open-type features. Sketch Tool includes real-time collaboration for the Mac app and sharing feedback for browser and developer cross-platform, like, you can create symbols, text, and color variables library in it and share it with the user.

    Adobe XD: :

    Adobe XD works on: Windows and MacOS.

    You must know about Adobe like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. However, it is part of Creative Cloud that specifically focuses on UX/UI designers. In Adobe XD you can create Website Design, App design, Brand, Design as well as game design prototypes. If you can't afford the full Adobe Creative Cloud, you can subscribe to the standalone Adobe XD. Because these flagship apps are part of Adobe's Creative Cloud which is helpful in the work process of UI/UX designers. In this, you can create graphics, design images, use Photoshop for composition and creation, and use Adobe Illustrator to create vector art and great illustrations.

    Adobe XD is a popular tool in UI/UX design. Adobe XD is a vector-based tool that offers prototype and mockup creations. The interface is similar to other Adobe interfaces, so it feels the same when you work on the software. Adobe XD in Real-Time becomes popular with UI designers as a familiar feature. Adobe XD offers UI designers a variety of tools that make it easy to create interactions and other elements that can be integrated with mockups and prototypes.

    Adobe XD includes beneficial features to support your prototyping. So if you want to learn Adobe design well then you can enroll in Adobe XD UI design training in Pune at Aspire Techsoft. In this course, you will learn how to create vivid and true-to-life prototypes with motion, including 3D, transforms, vector drawing, auto animation, content-aware layout, repeatable elements, as well as animation render and playable video embedding. You will also learn how to create voice commands, design your voice with voice-enabled features, and interact using a keyboard and gaming controller.


    Figma works on: Browser, MacOS, and Windows.

    Figma is one of the popular UI/UX Design cloud-based tools. It is built to create prototype designs with extensive features, including software wireframes, and mood boards. Layouts in Figma are huge, making it easy to put multiple iterations on a single project, and it's pretty comparable to other designs.

    Figma is designed for developing dynamic mockups and prototypes. One of the big advantages of Figma is its collaborative features, which allow multiple users to make changes to the design at the same time without having to download files locally, such as Google Docs, which lets you see who is working on it and on what platform.

    Figma can be used on any browser and operating system and can be integrated with other tools such as Zeplin, Confluence, and Maze, making it a meaningful choice for all design-related things. Figma works to connect every design process so teams can deliver products faster. It is an all-in-one design platform. In addition, each organization has an identical tool, FigJam, which acts as an online whiteboard for the organization.

    Figma is the best platform for UI Design Prototyping and design system. In turn, one can use FigJam to collaborate and map design processes and use Arc tools to design clocks, pie charts, etc.

    If you are starting from scratch, Figma UI/UX design course in Pune at Aspire Techsoft will help you develop the necessary skills and abilities to design promising user interfaces from scratch, with an emphasis on Figma. Our course teaches the basics of Figma, essential workflows and processes, research, collaboration, and much more used to create important interfaces, including prototyping.

    Considering the Figma Design Web tool, it will teach how to use the modern pen tool, and which direction to draw on the vector network. Further in the Figma UI/UX design course, you will be taught about Figma plugins including colors, text, and grids, and how to apply them to text or objects in projects.


    Marvel works on: Browser, iOS, and Android apps

    Marvel is a UI UX design tool that provides tools for prototyping to user design and wireframing. In Marvel Design, users can implement gestures, add screen elements, import designs, and do everything needed to quickly create a working prototype. This software is very easy to use, making it perfect for prototyping, as well as effective interface design. Marvel UI Designing has a feature called Handoff that provides developers with HTML code and CSS styles that are useful to start building.

    Marvel provides the functionality needed to design and build digital products for wireframing, prototyping and handoff. Marvel is an ideal UI/UX design platform for beginners. Marvel is a web based tool that works in the browser, so there is no need to download or install anything. It's built for simple, fast design, with features like wireframing, UI design, and prototyping.

    Visual Designer

    UI Developer

    UI Writer

    Motion Designer

    UI/UX designer

    UX Designer

    User Researcher

    UX Researcher

    UX Strategist

    UX Architect

    Usability Tester

    UX Analyst

    Content Strategist

    UX Developer

    UX Engineer

    Interaction Designer

    Finally, when you complete the UI/UX Design Online Training Course and complete the hands-on project, you will receive a certificate that is valid almost everywhere in the world, which you can share with potential employers and your business networks. Next, don't forget to attempt the minimum certification exam and get certified based on your skills.

    As the demand for UI/UX resources is high, now is the right time to start training and choose the right career path to prepare for the future, you can enroll with Aspire Techsoft the best UI/UX Web design course in Pune.

  • Orientation & Onboarding

  • Introduction to UX & UI Design

  • Design Thinking Process

  • Introduction to Problem Brief

  • Design Tool explorationI

  • Understanding Empathy

  • User Research methods

  • Conducting Secondary Research

  • Conducting Primary Research

  • Questionnaire and User InterviewPr

  • Analysing Research Data

  • Creating Affinity Mapping

  • Understanding User Persona

  • Creating User Personas

  • Creating Experience Maps

  • Understanding User Flow

  • Understanding Task flow

  • Difference between User & Task flow

  • Creating Sitemap

  • Content Strategy

  • Mobile Navigation

  • Understanding UX Writing

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Understanding Interaction Design

  • UI Design Fundamentals

  • Understanding Grid system

  • Low Fidelity Wireframe

  • UI Components

  • Introduction to Material Design

  • High-Fidelity Wireframes

  • Creating UI Design

  • Alignment & Layout

  • Negative Space

  • Creating Wireframe in Figma

  • Prototyping in Figma

  • Understanding Color Psychology

  • Moodboards & Color Palette

  • Typography Guidelines

  • Creating Type Scale

  • Theming & Branding

  • Iconography

  • Adding Shadows

  • Visual Hierarchy & Spacing

  • Aesthetic Usability Effect

  • Refining Visual Design

  • Types of Testing

  • Planning and Preparing Testing

  • Creating Questionnaire for Testing

  • Conducting Usability Testing

  • Developers Hand off

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  • UI designing focuses on the first presence and layout of the product which includes the visual interface. UX designing focuses on how the created interface will work as well as the interaction of the product, application, or user.

  • Aspire Techsoft provides the Best UI/UX Design Course in Pune as per the current industry standards. Our training programs will enable professionals to secure placements in MNCs as well as middle-scale organizations.

  • Aspire Techsoft is one of the most recommended Best institutes for UI/UX Design Courses in Pune that offers a hands-on practical approach to projects and will ensure the job with the help of advanced level UI/UX training in Pune.

  • Our UI/UX Trainers have 10+ Years of experience in the interface design of digital products and services and they provide theory and practical in-depth course sessions with interview preparation tips.

  • Online UI UX web designing training in Pune will be conducted on a weekday and weekend basis with an Instructor – LED online UI/UX course.

  • Our UI/UX trainers are working professionals who also help candidates get placed in MNCs.

  • Affordable fee structure.

  • Aspire Techsoft is the best institute for UI/UX Design Training in Pune providing placement assistance to every professional. We also teach aspirants how to build their CVs. And provide career guidance to reach your dream job. But your job will be based on your performance in the interview and the recruiter's requirements. Not sure if you're ready? Enroll & get expert guidance to sharpen your skills.

  • Enroll Now for UI/UX Course in Pune with Aspire Techsoft by calling this number +91 – 9960935600. You will get the complete information regarding the UI UX Design courses in Pune with fees and placement details with more information.

  • No, coding is not required. Aspirants with any Proficient skill, educational qualification, and background can enroll for this UI UX online course. If you use HTML and CSS to interact with the rest of your team, having knowledge of HTML and CSS will help you a lot when creating user interfaces for the web.

  • Front-end and user interface are interchangeable terms in this context. Front-end developers may also be referred to as User Interface (UI) developers. However, this is not the industry standard. Instead, development and design roles are divided into front-end and UI.

  • UI/UX is one of the most sought-after courses in the modern world where you will learn all the important aspects of user interface and user experience that can help you improve your skills in the field of design and development.

  • Enroll now for UI/UX design course in Pune at aspire Techsoft by calling this number +91 – 9960935600. Not sure if you're ready? Enroll & get expert guidance to sharpen your skills. Once you complete the UI/UX Online Course enrollment process, you will receive an email from Aspire Techsoft describing how to proceed during or after the course.

  • Honestly, We Aspire Techsoft is the top UI/UX Web designing training institute in Pune with placement assistance and our stats tell our story. We have 10+ years of experience in providing online UI/UX courses in Pune.

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