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Course hours 120 hrs

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About SAS Statistical Bussiness Analyst Training

This course is designed for SAS professionals who use SAS/STAT software to conduct and interpret complex statistical data analysis. It covers analysis of variance, linear and logistic regression, preparing inputs for predictive models, and measuring model performance. Suitable for Statisticians, researchers, and business analysts who use SAS programming to generate analyses using either continuous or categorical response (dependent) variables; as well as modelers and analysts who need to build p ...

generate descriptive statistics and explore data with graphs

perform analysis of variance and apply multiple comparison techniques

perform linear regression and assess the assumptions

use regression model selection techniques to aid in the choice of predictor variables in multiple regression

use diagnostic statistics to assess statistical assumptions and identify potential outliers in multiple regression

use chi-square statistics to detect associations among categorical variables

fit a multiple logistic regression model.

use logistic regression to model an individual’s behavior as a function of known inputs

create effect plots and odds ratio plots using ODS Statistical Graphics.

handle missing data values

tackle multicollinearity in your predictors

assess model performance and compare models.

Before attending this course, you should have completed the equivalent of an undergraduate course in statistics covering p-values, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and regression.

Prerequisite Basic Concepts

Introduction to Statistics

Tests and Analysis of Variance

Linear Regression

Linear Regression Diagnostics

Categorical Data Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Fitting the Model

Preparing the Input Variables

Classifier Performance

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Course material.

2 attempts of Global certification.

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Track Week Days Weekends
Course Duration 120 Hrs 120 Hrs
Hours 1 Hrs Per Day 2 Hrs per Day
Training Mode Live Web/Classroom Live Web/Classroom

SAS Training Upcoming Batches

Course Title Days Mode Date Time
Base SAS (Week-end) / Clinical SAS Sat-Sun Instructor-led Live 4-5, 11-12 & 18 May 9am-2pm
19, 25-26 May & 1-2 June 9am-2pm

SAS Statistical Business Analyst Course Curriculum

SAS Statistical Business Analyst training

▪ descriptive statistics

▪ inferential statistics

▪ steps for conducting a hypothesis test

▪ basics of using your SAS software

▪ examining data distributions

▪ obtaining and interpreting sample statistics using the UNIVARIATE and MEANS procedures

▪ constructing confidence intervals

▪ examining data distributions graphically in the UNIVARIATE and SGPLOT procedures

▪ performing simple tests of hypothesis

▪ performing tests of differences between two group means using PROC TTEST

▪ performing one-way ANOVA with the GLM procedure

▪ performing post-hoc multiple comparisons tests in PROC GLM

▪ performing two-way ANOVA with and without interactions

▪ producing correlations with the CORR procedure

▪ fitting a simple linear regression model with the REG procedure

▪ understanding the concepts of multiple regression

▪ using automated model selection techniques in PROC REG to choose from among several candidate models

▪ interpreting models

▪ examining residuals

▪ investigating influential observations

▪ assessing collinearity

▪ producing frequency tables with the FREQ procedure

▪ examining tests for general and linear association using the FREQ procedure

▪ understanding exact tests

▪ understanding the concepts of logistic regression

▪ fitting univariate and multivariate logistic regression models using the LOGISTIC procedure

▪ business applications

▪ analytical challenges

▪ parameter estimation

▪ adjustments for oversampling

▪ missing values

▪ categorical inputs

▪ variable clustering

▪ variable screening

▪ subset selection

▪ ROC curves and Lift charts

▪ optimal cutoffs

▪ K-S statistic

▪ c statistic

▪ profit

▪ evaluating a series of models

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In today's modern world, many large industrial companies use SAS tools for their business analysis.

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