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This sap success factors course, in short, justify how to Manage HCM process using SAP HCM Cloud software. SAP Success factors are one in every of the rising technology in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM). The hope of this Course can cover Talent Management, Core hr and hr analytics.SAP SuccessFactors have a huge demand in the current IT industry. Success Factor analyses gaps in supply and demand and measures result with planning metrics. it's designed for multiple end users to manage a workforce plan, incorporate forecast data into strategic plans and access key performance indicators.

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Our syllabus for SAP SuccessFactor

  • Why HANA & What is SAP HANA in a Nutshell.

  • Challenges with Current Landscapes.

  • How SAP HANA Solves Current Challenges.

  • SAP HANA Database Architecture.

  • Data Storage in SAP HANA.

  • Types of Database Engines in SAP HANA.

  • Persistence Layer, backup and Recovery.

  • SAP HANA Platform.


  • SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA.

  • SAP HANA Sidecar.

  • On-premise deployment.

  • Cloud Deployment.

  • SAP HANA Platform Licensing.

  • SAP HANA Studio Overview.

  • Adding SAP HANA Instance in SAP HANA Studio.

  • Basic Steps – Create Schema, Table and Package in SAP HANA.

  • SAP HANA Perspective.

  • SAP HANA Modeler Perspective.

    SAP HANA Administration Perspective.

    SAP HANA Developer Perspective.

    SAP HANA Web IDE for Modeling.

  • Introduction to Data Provisioning Techniques.

  • Flat File Upload using SAP HANA Studio.

  • SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).

  • SAP Replication Server (SRS).

  • SAP Data Services.

  • Loading Data to SAP HANA using SAP Data Services.

    Loading Data to SAP HANA using SAP Data Services from Flat Files.

    Loading Data from SAP ECC Extractors to SAP HANA – ODP.

    SAP Data Services-SQL and Validation Transform.

    SAP Data Services-Case and Merge Transform.

    SAP Data Services-Delta data load.

  • SAP Data Services-Job scheduling and management.

  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

  • Smart Data Access (SDA).

  • Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).

  • Smart Data Streaming.

  • Remote Data Synchronization.

  • Data Provisioning Summary and Tool Selection.

  • Introduction to SQL in SAP HANA.

  • SQL Data Types.

  • JOIN Types.

  • SQL Statements.

  • SQL Functions.

  • SQL Functions for Calculated Column.

  • Procedures.

  • A. Introduction to Modeling.

  • Attribute View – Creation.

    Attribute View – Advanced Properties.

    Attribute View creation using Copy and Derived options.

    Time Attribute View.

    Analytic View – Creation.

    Analytic View – Advanced Properties.

    Calculation View – Creation Using GUI.

    Calculation View – Advanced Properties.

    Calculation View – Creation Using SQL Script.

    Calculation View – Creation as Dimension.

    Calculation View – RANK Function.

    Calculation View – Filter Expression.

    Calculation View – Start Join.

    Calculation View – Dynamic Join.

  • B. Decision Tables – Overview.

  • Decision Tables With Return Values.

    Decision Tables With Update Values.

    Decision Tables on Information Models.

  • C. Calculated Column.

  • Calculated Column – Attribute.

    Calculated Column – Measure.

  • D. Restricted Measures.

  • E. Variables Vs Input Parameters.

  • Variables.

    Input Parameters.

    Input Parameters in Calculated Columns.

  • F. Distinct Count – Counter.

  • G. Temporal Join for Time Dependent Data.

  • H. Level Hierarchy.

  • I. Parent-Child Hierarchy.

  • J. Currency Conversion.

  • K. Content Procedures.

  • Quick View screen in SAP HANA Studio.

  • Copy.

  • Rename.

  • Refactor.

  • Mass Copy.

  • Switch Ownership.

  • Schema Mapping.

  • Maintain Package Specific Default Schema.

  • Generate Time Data.

  • Cleaning Unused Objects.

  • Auto Documentation.

  • Introduction.

  • Classic Analytic Privileges.

  • SQL Analytic Privileges.

  • Static VS Dynamic Analytic Privileges.

  • Dynamic SQL Analytic Privileges.

  • Introduction.

  • Standard Roles.

  • System Privileges.

  • Object Privileges.

  • System Delivered users.

  • Role Creation.

  • User Creation.

  • Introduction and Connectivity Options.

  • MS Excel.

  • Standard Universe Creation using IDT.

  • Universe Creation using SAP HANA Business Layer in IDT.

  • System Delivered users.

  • SAP BO Explorer.

  • SAP Lumira.

  • Web Intelligence.

  • Crystal Reports.

  • Design Studio.

  • Introduction.

  • Visualize Plan.

  • Tracing.

  • Partitioning.

  • Partitioning Tables.

  • Dynamic Tiering.

  • Introduction to Transportation Options.

  • Export and Import.

  • Delivery Units.

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

  • Solution Manager using CTS+.

  • Data Cleansing During Provisioning.

  • Schema Creation.

  • Models Creation.

  • Experts Panel

    Learn with the experts in the field.

    Faculty, SuccessFactor
    Experience: 5 Year(s).

    Bharat Shinde

    Our SuccessFactor Trainer Has 5+ Years Of Expertise In the area And Implementing SAP Modules. Complete Data Of Developing And Managing SAP Applications. Possess Sturdy Verbal And Written Communication Skills.

    Faculty, SuccessFactor
    Experience: 7 Year(s).

    L Pachange

    Our SuccessFactor trainer Has Exposure To Many Verticals Of Process Industries. For The Past 7 Years, He Has Worked In Multiple Modules. Currently, He Is Also Working In MNC. He has good Training Skills.

    Faculty, SuccessFactor
    Experience: 10 Year(s).


    Chandrakant Is Working In An MNC Since Last 10 Years. In His Career, He Worked On Lots Of Projects And Have A Great Set Of Skills. He Is An SAP Certified. Student Trained By Him Already Got Placed In An MNC.

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    Shital Patil

    Good quality education got the job after learning from here as the covered all the important topics without missing details.

    Arjun Reddy

    Excellent, this was one of the simplified yet structured course. It helped me to get a great knowledge of Success Factor.

    Asmita Khodake

    This was a professional, yet very easy to understand the course, perfect for beginner and intermediate students.

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