SAP Business Warehouse or SAP BW is an enterprise data warehouse product by SAP which might integrate and transform business data from any possible source system. SAP BW using SAP HANA was the primary application by SAP to run entirely on SAP HANA, and SAP BW 7.5 is that the latest update in SAP BW. The SAP is thought for data warehousing worldwide and clients can gain vastly from the planning functions, query runtime, and enhancements in data load seen during this product. This has extremely simplified data modelling and reduced InfoProvider. Also, all data modelling is finished at intervals a brand new user interface that is distinct across all modelling tools.

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Our syllabus for BW on HANA

  • Evolution of HANA Landscape.

  • SAP HANA Basics.

  • SAP Net Weaver BW 7.4.

  • Identifying Transformational Opportunities.

  • Understanding Your Needs, Enterprise Needs, Data Needs.

  • Working with Existing Solutions: SAP HANA versus SAP Net Weaver BWA.

  • Pros and Cons of SAP HANA.

  • In Memory Computing (Row Store, Column Store, Persistency Layer, Architectural Concept).

  • HANA based Real-time Operational Analytics.

  • HANA based Agile Data Marts for Rapid Prototyping with Analytic Models.

  • New Modeling Paradigm in order to provide agility and flexibility from business question to report.

  • HANA-Optimized Data Store Object.

  • HANA-Optimized Info Cube.

  • Semantically Partitioned Object.

  • Models in SAP BW 7.4.

  • Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S.

  • New Data source Concept of BW 7.4.

  • Transformation in BW 7.4(ETL).

  • DTP (Data Transfer Process).

  • FROM 3.X TO BW 7.4.

  • Business Content UPGRADING DATAFLOWS.

  • Administration of Info Cubes and Aggregates.


  • Multi Providers.

  • Virtual Provider.

  • Transient Provider.

  • Composite Provider.

  • DB Connect.

  • Importing SAP BW models in SAP HANA.

  • Importing HANA optimize infocubes.

  • Importing HANA optimize DSO.

  • Overview of ECC6.0 Extractions.

  • Generic Extractions.

  • Business Content Extractions.

  • LO-COCK PIT Extractions (LOGISTICS).
  • Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting.

  • Navigating in Reports.

  • First Steps in Query Designer.

  • Key Figures.


  • Attributes.

  • Exceptions and Conditions.

  • Details of subcontracting process.

  • Raising subcontracting purchase order.

  • Goods issues to vendor.

  • Goods receipt against purchasing order.

  • Consumption of purchase order.

  • Unit 1:

  • The Multi-dimensional Model in SAP BW.

    The SAP BW Star Schema Concept.

    Data warehousing Workbench (DWB).

    Info Objects.

    Info Cubes.

  • Unit 2: Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S

  • 3.x Dataflow.

    Overview of BW 7.4 Dataflow.

    Comparison of 3.x and BW 7.34 Data flows

    Loading Master Data (Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies).

    Loading Transaction Data.

  • Overview of ECC6.0 Extractions.

  • Generic Extractions.

  • Business Content Extractions.


  • LO-COCK PIT Extractions (LOGISTICS).

  • Unit 3:

  • Overview of new Data source.

    Emulation of Data source in BW 7.4.

    Data source Lifecycle with In BW 7.4 NW 2004S.

    Migration of 3.x data source to BW 7.4 data source.

  • Unit 4: Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S

  • Overview of DTPS.

    Trouble shooting techniques in DTPS.

  • Unit 5: Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S


  • Business Content (BCT).

  • Unit 7: Administration of InfoCubes and Aggregates

  • Managing Basic Cubes.



  • Data Store Objects concept.

  • Unit 9: Multi Providers

  • Multi Providers.

  • Unit 1: Overview of ECC6.0 Extractions

  • Types of ECC extractions.

  • Unit 2: Generic Extractions

  • Generic Extraction using.

    Database Table.


  • Unit 3: Business Content Extractions

  • Overview of Business Content Extractions.

    Examples from Financial, Logistics, HRMS modules.

  • Unit 4: CO-PA Extractions (COST PROFITABLE ANALYSIS)

  • Unit 5: LO-COCK PIT Extractions

  • Unit 6: Delta Management

  • Unit 7: Process Chains in Detail covering all process Types

  • Real time examples on process Chains (Meta Chains).

  • Unit 8: Upgrading process Chains from 3.x to BI 7.3

  • Unit 1: Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting

  • The SAP BI Overview.

  • Unit 2: Navigating in Reports

  • Unit 3: First Steps in Query Designer

  • Query Designer.

    Info providers in query Designer.

  • Unit 4: Key Figuers

  • Restricted Key Figures.

    Calculated Key Figures.

    Properties of Key Figures.

    Structures and cells.


  • Properties and Attributes of Characteristics.

    Integrating attributes and hierarchies in reports.


  • Exceptions.


  • ADVANCED REPORTING Topics Unit 7: BexAnalyzer

  • Unit 8: Transporting Objects (CTO)

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