The SAP is a well-known name of Germany based company and ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming language) for SAP products was used before without any problem for SAP suits but with the introduction of HANA by SAP the ABAP developer work needs advance skill. HANA platform can do multimodel data processing very fast. So learning HANA will make you ready for changes in futuristic scenarios of technology too. Code customization is needed when upgrading from simple ABAP to HANA but this is not the only reason, even for performance optimization on HANA one need to learn and practice latest development for that also his course is very helpful. If your company too grows and does acquisitions SAP HANA migration will become obvious choice so SAP ABAP developer will be required too.

Aspire Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. provides Online SAP S/4 ABAP ON HANA training. We have expert faculties and all the required software, tools and study resources to deliver best Online SAP S/4 ABAP ON HANA training experience .


Our syllabus for ABAP on HANA

  • Understanding SAP HANA and how it impacts the ABAP development paradigm.

  • Introduction to ABAP Development Tools (also known as ABAP in Eclipse).

  • Accessing SAP HANA as a Secondary Database.

  • Tools to detect potential functional and performance issues when migrating to SAP Trace and ABAP Profiler, SQL Trace.

  • Tools to prioritize performance issues: SQL Monitor, SQL Performance Tuning Worklist.

  • Performance Rules and Guidelines for ABAP in the context of SAP HANA.

  • New Open SQL.

  • Defining advanced views using Core Data Services (CDS) and CDS Associations in ABAP.

  • Incorporating Authorization Checks with CDS in ABAP.

  • Using native SQL and ABAP Data Base Connectivity(ADBC).

  • Creating, using and debugging ABAP Managed Database Procedures.

  • Consuming SAP HANA views in ABAP using native SQL and ADBC.

  • Consuming SAP HANA database procedures using native SQL and ADBC.

  • Creating and using External Views.

  • Database Procedure Proxies.

  • HANA Transport Container.

  • Using SAP HANA Full Text Search in ABAP.

  • Enabling input fields for typeahead search.

  • SAP List Viewer (ALV) for SAP HANA.

  • Experts Panel

    Learn with the experts in the field.

    Faculty, ABAP on HANA
    Experience: 8 Year(s).

    Parag Dounde

    Parag Is Currently In An MNC Since Last 8 Years. In Hir Career, He Worked On Lots Of Projects And Have A Great Set Of Skills. He Is An SAP Certified Trainer. Student Trained By Him Already Got Placed In An MNC.

    Faculty, ABAP on HANA
    Experience: 10 Year(s).

    Ganesh Chothe

    Ganesh Has 10 Years Of Experience In Hana, He is Currently Working In MNC. Being An SAP-Certified He Has A Great Set Of Skills. In His Career Of 10 Years, He Worked In Various Types Of Projects And Trained Lots Of Trainees.

    Faculty, ABAP on HANA
    Experience: 5 Year(s).

    Rajendra N

    Our ABAP on HANA Trainer Is A Certified Trainer And Has Experience Of 5+ Years In An MNC. He Worked On Variety Of Projects In Company. He Has Been Working With Aspire To Make Our Students An Expert.

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    Abhishek Roy

    According To Me SAP-ABAP Teaching Is Good And Good Experince.

    Swati Malge

    I Done ABAP-ON-HANA. Course Is Taught By Expert Practitioners And Your Learning Will Be Shaped By Their Practical Experiences.

    Maheshwari Bhoite

    This Is A Good Institute For ABAP-On-HANA Training. Teacher Were Also Good & Well Experienced.

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