Machine Learning


Machine learning is an interesting stream of computer science is usually making use of statistical techniques to permit computers the power to "learn" with data, while not being expressly programmed. Within the past decade, machine learning has given U.S. self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective internet search, and an immensely improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning brings along computer science and statistics to harness that predictive power. It’s vital ability for all aspiring data analysts and data scientists, or anyone else who needs to wrestle all that raw data into refined trends and predictions.

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Our syllabus for Machine Learning.

  • History.

  • Features.

  • Setting up path.

  • Working with Python.

  • Basic Syntax.

  • Variable and Data Types.

  • Operator.

  • If

  • If- else

  • Nested if-else

  • For

  • While

  • Nested loops

  • Break

  • Continue

  • Pass

  • Accessing Strings.

  • Basic Operations.

  • String slices.

  • Function and Methods.

  • Introduction.

  • Accessing list.

  • Operations.

  • Working with lists.

  • Function and Methods.

  • Introduction.

  • Accessing tuples.

  • Operations.

  • Working.

  • Functions and Methods.

  • Introduction.

  • Accessing values in dictionaries.

  • Working with dictionaries.

  • Properties.

  • Functions.

  • Defining a function.

  • Calling a function.

  • Types of functions.

  • Function Arguments.

  • Anonymous functions.

  • Global and local variables.

  • Math module.

  • Importing module.

  • Random module.

  • Packages.

  • Composition.

  • Printing on screen.

  • Reading data from keyboard.

  • Opening and closing file.

  • Reading and writing files.

  • Functions.

  • Exception.

  • Exception Handling.

  • Except clause.

  • Try ? finally clause.

  • User Defined Exceptions.

  • OOPS concepts.

  • Database.

  • Networking.

  • Experts Panel

    Learn with the experts in the field.

    Faculty, Python, R & ML
    Experience: 4 Year(s).

    Vaibhav Jadhav

    Our PythonTrainer Has 4+ Years Of Working Experience. He Is Adept At Explaining Complicated Engineering Technical Ideas To A Large Type Of Skilled And Non-Professional Audiences In Accessible Language.

    Faculty, Python, R & ML
    Experience: 6 Year(s).

    Sachin Patil

    Our Python Trainer Is A Certified. He Is A Sturdy Supervisor Of Enormous And Little-Skilled Code Engineering Groups Politely And Expertise. He Is Currently Working In An MNC And Has A Great Set Of Skills.

    Faculty, Python, R & ML
    Experience: 5 Year(s).


    Our Python Trainer Is A Certified Trainer And Has Experience Of 5+ Years In An MNC. She Worked On Variety Of Projects In Company. She Has Been Working With Aspire To Make Our Students An Expert.

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    Nitesh M

    Very good training covered everything in the syllabus. Overall good executed according to course charges.

    Abhiraj Parse

    Thanks to aspire techsoft for bringing such a great course at such an amazing price.

    Payal Parswar

    It was exciting, every lecture of the course was full of knowledge. enjoyed training and happy experience!

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