Informatica, a strong ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Load) tool, is widely used for enterprise data warehousing. data warehousing could be a relational database, used for analysis purpose instead of transaction work. It contains information collected from multiple sources that are additionally transformed to suit the organizational wants. Informatica coaching helps the participants to induce well versed in data warehousing ideas, ETL process, an online analytical processing engine, client analysis tools, and alternative applications that manage the method of gathering data and delivering it to business users.

Aspire Techsoft Pvt. Ltd. is the best Online Informatica training institute. We have excellent staff which are industrial experts & certified trainers, all the required tools and softwares and that's why we are one of the best Online Informatica training institute.


Our syllabus for Informatica.

  • Importance of sql in informatica.

  • Basics of rdbms.

  • Operators in sql.

  • Data types in sql (DML, TCL, and DDL).

  • SQL joins (inner join, outer join, left join, right join).

  • Index in sql.

  • Dataware house.

  • Datamart.

  • OLAP and OLTP.

  • Dataware house architecture.

  • Approaches.

  • Star schema, snowflake schema.

  • Repository.

  • Workflow manager.

  • Workflow monitor.

  • Experts Panel

    Learn with the experts in the field.

    Faculty, DW-Informatica
    Experience: 20 Year(s).

    Rajesh Namjoshi

    Our InformaticaTrainer Has Immense Knowledge of ETL. For The Past 20 Years, He Has Worked In well reputed MNC. Being an Experienced trainer, He Has great Training and Communication Skills.

    Faculty, DW-Informatica
    Experience: 4 Year(s).

    Raju Jadhav

    Our ABAP Trainer Has 4+ Years Of Working Experience. He Is Adept At Explaining Complicated Engineering Technical Ideas To A Large Type Of Skilled And Non-Professional Audiences In Accessible Language.

    Faculty, DW-Informatica
    Experience: 10 Year(s).

    Sachin Patil

    Over 10+ Years Trainer Is Highly Skilled And Diligent ETL consultant With An Excellent Work Ethic And Client Satisfaction Record. He Is A Certified Trainer And Currently Working In An MNC Company.

    Student Reviews

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    Mayuri Jagtap

    It is one of the best online course I ever fond. It covers all the required material one needs while learning Informatica.

    Sayali Sovhitkar

    I am glad, I took this course, I enjoyed it very well accomplished and contents were awesome.

    Sangharsh Tayde

    A very good course to learn Informatica. The instructors are good making all concepts seems easy.

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