SAP - Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP)


SAP enterprise products are used by over 12 million people in more than 120 countries. To coordinate with growing demand for skilled recourses in SAP consulting, SAP and its partners are always in need of well trained SAP professionals.

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is language developed by SAP in which applications of SAP R/3 are written. SAP will continue to run applications written in ABAP/4, the earlier ABAP versions as well as applications using ABAP objects. In our SAP ABAP course you will get knowledge about ABAP/4, ABAP dictionary, how to create packages, information about message classes, modularization techniques, batch data communication, smart forms, RFC and types of IDOCs.

Trainers for SAP ABAP course at our institute are SAP certified experts and experienced working SAP consultants who are well versed in their respective functional or technical area. As our trainers have good exposure towards SAP implementation/ support projects, the best quality of training delivery is assured here.

At Aspire you are sure to get clear practical and logical concepts formation about SAP ABAP. As we have excellent lab facilities and well equipped infrastructure you get hands on practical knowledge with 100 % placement assistance. All in all you get value for your money.

  • What is ABAP

  • Logon to SAP Environment

  • Transaction Codes

  • Multitasking Commands

  • Errors

  • ABAP/4 Editor ( SE38 )

  • Steps for Creating a Program

  • Elements in R/3 Screen

  • Out put Statements

  • Operators in ABAP

  • Data, Parameter & Constant Statements

  • Data Types & Classification

  • Data Objects & Classification

  • Text Elements

  • String Operations

  • Control Statements

  • Field strings

  • ABAP Dictionary Introduction

  • Data Dictionary Functions

  • Data Dictionary Objects

  • Data Base Tables

  • Structures

  • Data Elements

  • Type Groups

  • Domains

  • Search helps

  • Lock objects

  • Primary Key And Foreign Key

  • Table Maintenance Generator

  • Creating a package

  • Difference between local objects & packages

  • Transferring local objects to packages

  • Message Class Introduction

  • Message types

  • Calling message class in Report & Dialog programs

  • Selection screen Introduction

  • Parameter Statement

  • Select-options Statement

  • Selection-screen Statement

  • Screen table and its fields

  • Dynamic screen modification by using Modif Id key

  • Open SQL Statements

  • Select

  • Insert

  • Modify

  • Update

  • Delete

  • Internal Tables

  • Internal Tables Introduction

  • Declaring Internal Table

  • Processing Internal Table

  • Populating Internal Table

  • Initializing Internal Tables

  • Inner Joins And For All Entries

  • Control Break Statements

  • Modularization Techniques Introduction

  • Includes

  • Subroutines

  • Passing Parameters to Subroutines

  • Passing Tables to Subroutines

  • Function Groups & Function Modules

  • Interactive Reports

  • Techniques Used For Interactive Reports

  • Hotspot

  • Hide

  • Get Cursor

  • Dialog / Module Pool Programming/ Transactions

  • Relationship between Screen, Flow Logic and Program

  • Flow Logic Events

  • Process Before Output (PBO)

  • Process Before Output (PBO)

  • Dynamic Screens

  • Leave Screen

  • Call Screen

  • Set Screen

  • BDC Introduction

  • Recording

  • BDC Methods

  • Call Transaction Method

  • Session Method

  • Handling Table Controls in BDC

  • Legacy System Migration Workbench

  • Different Methods

  • Flat file creation

  • Uploading data

  • SAP Scripts Introduction

  • Components of SAP Scripts

  • Layout Set

  • Standard Text

  • Out Put Program

  • Modifying Standard SAP Script Layouts

  • Including Logos

  • SAP Script Utilities ? Upload / Download

  • Smart Forms Introduction

  • Graphics Management

  • Style Maintenance

  • Paragraph Formats

  • Character Formats

  • Writing print program and designing layouts

  • ALV Reports Introduction

  • ALV through Function Modules

  • ALV Types

  • Introduction to RFC

  • Creating RFC Destination between 2 Systems

  • Creating Remote Enabled Function Modules

  • Creating program using Remote Enabled Function Modules

  • Introduction to RFC

  • Creating RFC Destination between 2 Systems

  • Creating Remote Enabled Function Modules

  • Creating program using Remote Enabled Function Modules

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Benefits of Aspire Techsoft training

  • ASAP methodology

  • 24 HOURS LAB








  • Pradnya Deogade


    I have done SAP ABAP from Aspire.Faculty is too good...and they solve the problem.They always ready to support.They give the opportunity for the students.

    • Yogesh Mahajan


      Its best experience to me doing SAP ABAP in that institute. Our Training Faculty is very Hardworking......its my great choice for the training.

      • pooja mundhe


        At Aspire Techsoft , i did SAP ABAP course. Staff of Aspire is very supportive.

        • Tejas Patil


          i have done ABAP in aspire techsoft ,good teaching in details good faculty

          • Amit Agrawal


            According to me SAP-ABAP teaching is good and good experince

            • Maheshwari Bhoite


              This is a good institute for Advance ABAP training .teacher were also good & well experienced.

              • sayali gaikwad


                ABAP training was good.All syllabus covered in time with more practical

                • swati malge


                  I done SAP PP.Courses are taught by expert practitioners and your learning will be shaped by their practical experiences

                  • tanaji


                    I have done SAP ABAP from ASPIRE. The trainers were experienced with great support

                    • Tejaswini Mode


                      Aspire has given proper guidelines,by seeing my background that which course will be beneficial for me in future,Now as i am doing SAP ABAP course,so i am feelling that they have guided me correctly as per market condition Experienced Faculties,Staff support,Less Fees

                      • vijay wagh


                        Best institute in pune,every thing they have mention has given,proper word to word they have given facilities to me what they have told me before joining. Aspire is one of the best institute for SAP ABAP in pune.proper guideline and projects to work has been given from Aspire

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