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SAP HANA Security coaching is an in-memory platform that mixes an ACID-compliant of a database with an advanced data processing, application services, & a versatile data integration services. SAP HANA will act as a standard SQL-based relational database. During this role, it will serve as either an information supplier for classical transactional applications (OLTP) and/or because of the data source for analytical requests (OLAP). Database functionality is accessed through an SQL interface.

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Faculty, SAP Security HANA
Experience: 5 Year(s).

Ramkrushna M

Hana Security Trainer Has 5+ Years Of Expertise In this area. Complete Knowledge Of Developing And Managing SAP Applications. Possess Sturdy Verbal And Written Communication Skills.

Faculty, SAP Security HANA
Experience: 5 Year(s).

Bailappa Bhovi

Our HANA Security Trainer Has Exposure To Many Verticals Of Process Industries. For The Past 5 Years, He Has Worked As A Certified SAP Consultant In Multiple Modules. Currently, He Is Also Working In MNC.

Faculty, SAP Security HANA
Experience: 5 Year(s).

Prashant B

Prashant Has 5 Years Of Experience In HANA Security, Currently Working In MNC. Being An SAP-Certified He Possesses A Great Set Of Skills. In His Career Of 5 Years, He Worked In Various Types Of Projects.

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Akash Shinde

Great course according to quality content and training, I recommend this course. Thank you Aspire!

Aarti Gaikwad

I liked the course, learned a lot of new things and topics were really good and well explained!

Aniket Tiwari

Excellent, Very good for a learner who is fresh in this, very well structured and executed nicely.

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