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25 May 2017
blogs at aspire techsoft pvt ltd

According to an article in economictimes.com, around a quarter of 2014 Indian IT Engineering Graduates will have trouble getting a job this year. Many other fresh grads will have to take jobs where the skills required fall far below the actual skill base they have upon leaving the college. That’s pretty discouraging if you’re a fresh IT Engineering graduate. So let’s talk a little bit about what the problem is and, then, let’s see if there aren’t some solutions out there that can help you get a job and get working in the field like {SAP consultant, SAS consultant, JAVA consultant, ERP consultant} that you went to college for


The Issue As It Stands

There are too many IT Engineering graduates coming out of Indian colleges to fit in an area that has been shrinking as of late. To take a more focused look at the problem, one must take in to consideration the bigger picture. India produces more IT Engineers than both the United States and China combined…an estimate that falls somewhere around a million and a half bright-eyed new job entrants every year.


Now…the industries where most of these new hires typically find placement; information technology and manufacturing, have been steadily cutting back on the number of new hires—a trend that is approaching a decade in consistency.


This probably wouldn’t be the case if not for the explosion of outsourcing that prompted so much growth in both the Best institute for SAP, JAVA , SAS & ERP are producing graduates and the number of new graduates themselves. If you haven’t heard…outsourcing has slowed down as world economies have contracted since 2008.


So what to do if you’re an IT Engineering graduate and you are greeted with this terrible news straight out of college? Find a new career path? Take what you can get? Turn to a life of crime (not so far from the truth)? Go elsewhere? Well, all is not doom and gloom…there are some solutions and for searching that solution you want a vision that vision you can get through IT institutes for example Aspire Techsoft Pvt Ltd which provides solution in the form of classes like SAP ABAP classes, SAS classes, JAVA classes & ERP.


The International Market

Faced with the prospect of an uncertain…if not downright impossible…job market, you might want to consider the prospect of finding your fortunes away from home soil. India has only recently become a permanent member of the Washington Accord. What does this mean for new Indian IT Engineering graduates who may not have a degree from one of the more preeminent colleges in India? It means that the degree you worked so hard to get is now recognized outside of India…America, Japan and Australia are just a few of the 17 countries where an Indian with an IT Engineering degree can now apply their degree and their trade.


Before you pack your bags however, find out which of these 17 countries are the best fit for you…not only in terms of employability but in terms of lifestyle. While IT skills translate fairly easily, culture shock can send you scurrying for home.


Rely On Tried and True Techniques 

In a difficult job market, there is very little you can do to effect change and land a job. But, one way to ensure that you remain unemployed…or under employed, is to ignore the things people are doing to land jobs right now.

In an article for LinkedIn.com, Lou Adler, a consulting and search firm CEO lays out 12 different ways that prospective hires can go about increasing their prospects for getting a job. Among these are some fairly obvious methods…like finding out who hiring managers are, along with some more uncommon ideas like creating a video resume, applying your skills to a problem the company is currently having and sending out a custom email that sets you apart from all the stock ones that a hiring manager receives.


Reach Out to Those in Your Field with Jobs

You may not know a single person who has walked out of college with their IT Engineering degree and found a job. Don’t let that get in your way. According to a forbes.com survey, Networking is still the number #1 way to land a job. It doesn’t even matter who you know. It matters how you go about getting to know people that can help you out…grow your contact chain. If you don’t know anyone, your college and your professors…along with professional organizations, can get you started in your quest to network your way to a job.


Don’t Give Up

It’s always easy to throw in the towel and walk away. Numbers change, economies change…job markets change. Take these steps to increase your chances of success:

Develop “practice-oriented” technical skills and sophisticated soft skills.

·  Fresher can do one thing they can join small/medium business for experiance

·  They can work with any institute for gaining experiance

·  Prepare your inner global professional.

·  Invest in a skill-development program...now!

·  Use your brain—it’s what got you your degree in the first place

If in the end you think that all paths I have covered and then to I have not achieve anything, in that case just be calm and visit or contact to Aspire Techsoft Pvt LTD, or visit


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  • Written by  Talent Sprint

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